Dear friends,

We were so busy releasing the album, we nearly forgot about the Summer Solstice!..

Every year, on the 21st June we release a long-form, experimental piece of music. It's part of a (stupidly ambitious) 40-year song-cycle.

We made ten Winter Solstice songs over ten years with my previous band, The Infinite Three. The plan is to make ten Summer Solstice songs with The Shining Tongues (of which this is now the fifth), and then move on to the Autumn and Spring equinoxes.  Yes, this whole thing is going to take f**king ages.

ANYWAY Here is this year's scream of joy for the longest day!  Listen to it LOUD and rejoice! GET NAKED AND WALK IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD!

Dan / The Shining Tongues.


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