1. Make Us Eat

From the recording Make Us Eat - Single

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Daniel Knowler - Voice, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards
Samuel Mclaughlin - Bass Guitar
Andrea Kerr - Voice
Robin Jax - Electric Guitars


we got cold in the outside world
and laid down to simplify our bodies
forever beholden to miracles
and lanterns

a killer compassion
it seems I wait for you

we got old
weak omens are breathing
clouds of fear on our hands
our babies are biting
through this sound
with loud teeth

without grief
a tree grew and filled our living space
with his sour leaves
we’ll eat them

it seems I’ll wait for you

cover us in holy moisture
take apart all that we thought of
clean the dirt from every corner
make us eat

make us eat and give us colour
kiss the hands of sacred servants
clean the dirt from every corner
make us eat