Post-Scottish Play Infotainment

Thanks to everyone who came out and listened and watched us moving about and making noises on purpose at The Macbeth last month. We had a great time and it felt good to let some of the new songs rumble…

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Free gig at The Macbeth in August!

We're playing at The Macbeth, Hoxton on Thursday 31st August.  We'll be performing elongated and recombobulated versions of songs from Milk Of God, as well as some new pieces from the forthcoming second album.  This is a FREE show… but…

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I Eat Rubbish - Lyric Video

WORDS ABOUT RUBBISH!  We made a lyric video for our recent single, I Eat Rubbish.  Watch / Read / Breathe / Eat right here:



Thanks to everyone who came out to The Spice Of Life last month, it was TRANSCENDENT! Thanks and love to Rogue Awakening, Lou Raymond, Barn and especially to Dynamic Calories for generously rescuing us when Sam broke a bass string…

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I Eat Rubbish

Our new single, I EAT RUBBISH, is out today. Today is happening now. Behold the fruits of our no-mind and dance yourself into divine stupidity.


Live in London, 21st April

Apologies for the relative silence in recent months. I've been toiling, working on new songs for what I hope will be a second Shining Tongues album for this year.  So far things are sounding stranger, more atmospheric and nocturnal, but…

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Pig Rehearsal Excerpt

Here's a (very) short clip of us photosynthesising some NEW music at Pirate Studios this weekend. Dan Knowler, Willie Nash, Sam Mclaughlin and (just out of shot to the right) Robin Jax.

A new EP (or something) approaches in the…

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