Wonderful Pig

It is Spring and all the plants are oozing translucent glowing slime which ascends to heaven and becomes a wet bird. 

Soon we are/am/will be hacking away at new music with the full band line-up. But before we do that, here is a new/old thing for your ears. A new single, released on our Bandcamp page as of now (and everywhere else as of the future) - a Wonderful Pig is waiting for you to touch his pineal gland right here



Wonderful Pig was recorded in Summer 2020. It is presented here re-mixed and re-mastered and much shinier than before. Belly Of The Town appears in its full version on The Prayer EP but the version included here is an early acoustic solo-demo recorded sometime early in 2021 (I think). Listen and download here: https://theshiningtongues.bandcamp.com/album/wonderful-pig

More voices from the meat-radio very soon my dears.


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